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Native American ins Science (SACNAS), UPR-M chapter.

Biotechnology Techniques. UPR-Humacao

and Education in Engineering and Applied Sciences (CoHemis).University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez.

Puerto Rico (CES).

Educational Society (SESO) Mayagüez, PR.


Puerto Rico at Mayagüez.

Jr. Chapter

Inter American University of Puerto Rico at Ponce Campus. (courses taught: Research Methods, and Science and Technology Topics)

taught include: Microbiology for nursing, general Biology and lab, Biological Sciences). Advisor of the Zeta Delta Chapter of the honor Society Beta Beta Beta.

taught: Virology, Microbiology and lab, Microbiology for nursing, Seminar, the Human Being and the Environment and lab, General Biology and lab.)

Talented Students (AICET).

Inter American University, San Germán Campus

Inter American University, San Germán Campus

Immunology, Biological Sciences, General Microbiology, Microbial Ecology.                                                

University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus

Teachers and Students  (AICMET).

Inter American University at Ponce Campus.

Mayagüez Campus



Our research laboratory is focus on Microbial biotechnology and bioprospecting. In order to isolate, characterize and manipulate microbes with biotechnological potential, we specially use microbiology, molecular biology, and biochemical approaches. We are also involved in generating metagenomic libraries from tropical habitats, searching for novel microbial groups and enzymatic activities of medical and industrial applications. The lab expertise range from the used of genetic engineering tools for DNA isolation, manipulation, and analysis, to the used of functional proteomics technologies such as phage display for the development of bioindicators. The majority of the research projects in our lab will generate nucleic acids of some sort (genes), and metabolites that will require the in silico analysis


Research Activities

Graduate advisor of the following students/research at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez:


Master Students graduated:


-       Giovanni López: 2004. Collibia sensu lato of the Central and Western Regions of Puerto Rico: Biotechnological Capabilities, Characterization and Identification Using Traditional and Molecular Techniques. (http://grad.uprm.edu/tesis/lopezferrer.pdf).


-       Alberto González: 2004. Morphometric and Molecular Analysis of the mabouia-brooki haitianus Complex (Sauria: Gekkonidae) at the Western-Central Region of Puerto Rico. (http://grad.uprm.edu/tesis/gonzaleznegron.pdf). (This thesis was in collaboration with Dr. Jaime Acosta from the Biology Department).


-       María F. Rojas: 2005. Characterization and Potential Transductional Capabilities of Rhodobacter sphaeroides Bacteriophages, Isolated from Water Samples from the Southwestern Areas in Puerto Rico.

-       (Bacteriófagos Específicos para Rhodobacter sphaeroides: Aislamiento, Caracterización y Potenciales Transductores. (http://grad.uprm.edu/tesis/rojasduran.pdf)


-       Michelle Rivera: 2005. Isolation and Characterization of Novel Antimicrobial Agents Producing Microbes and Generation of Metagenomic Libraries from Diverse Forest Soils in Puerto Rico. http://grad.uprm.edu/tesis/riverarivera.pdf.


-       Argüello López, Ana: 2007. Isolation and identification of cyanobionts to coralloid roots of Cicads from the several Zamia species in Puerto Rico. http://grad.uprm.edu/tesis/arguellolopez.pdf.


-       Yaliz Loperena: 2008. Development of Physiological and Molecular techniques for the identification of Cryptococcus neoformans. http://grad.uprm.edu/tesis/loperenaalvarez.pdf.


-       Juan Vega: Isolation and Characterization of Photosynthetic Purple Non-Sulfur Bacteria from Phytothelmata of Several Plants in Puerto Rico.


Current Graduate Students:


-       Keila Flores: Isolation and Characterization, and Biotechnological Potential of Photosynthetic Purple Non-Sulfur Bacteria from Water Reservoirs in Puerto Rico.


-       Josué Malavé: Development of Biosensors Using Bioluminescent Bacteria from Marine Environments in Puerto Rico.


-       Vanessa Cardona: Isolation and Characterization of Radiation and Metal Resistant geomicrobes.


-       Irimar Torres: Development of metagenomic libraries from Cabo Rojo Saltern Microbial mats, and search for novel activities with medical and/or Biotechnological application.

-       Kristina Soto: isolation and Charaterization of Purple non-sulfur anoxyphototrophic bacteria from Microbial Mats at Cabo Rojo Slaterns.


-       Ricardo Burgos: isolation lethal factor toxin-specific peptides using Phage Display.




·       Ríos‑Velázquez, C., R. Cox, and T.J. Donohue. 2001.  Characterization of Rhodobacter sphaeroides cytochrome c2 proteins with altered heme attachment sites. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics.  389: 234-244.


·       Ríos‑Velázquez, C., Coller R.,  and T.J. Donohue 2003.  Features of Rhodobacter sphaeroides CcmFH. Journal of Bacteriology. 185:2: 422-431.


·       López G.J., and C. Ríos-Velázquez.  2005.  A non-toxic Scanning Electron Microscopy Method to Study the Reproductive Structures of Agaricales Using Simple Fixation in the Field.  Caribbean Journal Science. 41:857-860.


·       Ríos-Velázquez, C., R. Robles-Suárez, A.J. González-Negrón, and I. Báez-Santos.  2006.  The Delta Cooperative Model: a Dynamic and Innovative Team-Work Activity to Develop Research Skills in Microbiology. Microbiology Education.7:20-27.







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EDPE 4137 – Práctica de la Enseñanza de Biología


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